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Would You Be a Successful Online Franchise Owner? 10 Key Traits

The online franchise model has made it easier than ever to become a franchise owner. You don’t have immense brick and mortar costs, and you can enjoy the flexibility of owning your own business without having to worry about turning the lights on and off every day.

But only a certain type of person has what it takes to turn an online franchise into a successful business. At OrderUp, we talk a lot about this nebulous “it” factor. We even ask why you have “it” on our get started inquiry form. But what is “it”? We go into some detail about “it” here, but I’ve learned even more about “it” in my time working at OrderUp.

While these are observations about OrderUp in particular, they can apply to any online franchise owner, and even to a traditional franchise owner.

10 Traits That Make Up the “It” Factor:


  1. You’re hungry. No, not for delicious takeout and delivery food (though that’s okay too). Hungry for success. If you don’t have fire in your belly, you’re not going to work hard enough to succeed. Our CEO Chris Jeffery started LionMenus, the precursor to OrderUp, when he was in college and working at an Outback. What did this college kid have to enable his success? Passion, drive, and hunger.

  1. You’re creative. The most successful OrderUp franchisees have questions and ideas every single day that they share with me, or with our franchise owner forum. They’re constantly seeking new opportunities and trying new sales and marketing strategies. They’re always generating ideas and thinking “How can we improve?”

  2. You seek financial success. Online franchise owners must have a tie to their startup money and want to see a return. Startup costs are much lower for an online franchise than for a traditional franchise, so some owners may view an online franchise as an investment to just play with. That’s a problem. The best online franchise owners are financially driven—their stability and future depends on their franchise’s success. They know it, and act on it.

  3. You’re active. An online franchise might sound like the perfect fit for someone who spends the whole day on the computer, but at least with OrderUp, sitting behind a desk is not a good use of time. You have to get out there, make sales, and market your franchise with feet on the street. You need the ability and the desire to get your hands dirty, and be all over the place all the time—popping into restaurants, handing out fliers. You have to be the kind of person who can’t stand sitting at a desk all day. If you prefer a sedentary lifestyle, an online franchise is not for you.

  4. You’re a great salesperson, or have great sales potential. When you own a brick and mortar restaurant, you have to be good at a lot of different things—hiring and managing employees, procuring inventory, and marketing. When you own an OrderUp online food ordering franchise, you’re really focused on two aspects of the business: sales to get restaurants on the site, and marketing to potential customers. Many of our most successful franchisees have no sales experience before working with us. But they pick up on it right away. That’s because they have the right traits to give them great potential as salespeople. I’ll cover those traits below.

  5. You’re persistent. As with every business, owning an online franchise involves ebbs and flows. There will be days when you’re thinking, “What on earth am I doing?” You have those days with any business, with any salaried job. But if it’s your business, you won’t get a paycheck if you let that get you down. Especially at first, when you’re out trying to sign up restaurants every single day, you’re going to deal with a lot of rejection. You can’t allow yourself to get defeated. You can’t say, “No one wants to sign up, so I’m not going to bother them anymore.” You keep trying until you find a way. This is your business and your livelihood.

  6. You’re outgoing. As an online franchise owner, or as a salesperson anywhere, you have to thrive on working with people. Meeting new people or spending all day in sales meetings should energize you, not drain you.

  7. You’re personable. Not only should you like to meet new people, they should like meeting you. Have you always been told you’re a charmer who gets what you want? You’re probably a natural salesperson.

  8. You’re competitive. A competitive drive is key to any sales role, but when you own an online franchise, you’re building your own business, not someone else’s. Some of our best online franchise owners are driven to have the biggest, fastest growing market. They’re competitive at heart, and it pays off.

  9. You’re goal oriented. Most sales jobs tie compensation to sales goals, and it’s your job as a salesperson to reach them. The harder you work, the more you make. If you don’t go the extra mile, you don’t hit your goal. With an online franchise, it’s the same thing—you get out what you put in. But you’re not guaranteed a base salary, so that goal becomes your bread and butter.

  10. You’re willing to learn. It’s my job to teach our online franchise owners how to become better salespeople. If you don’t have the willingness to take your natural sales qualities and morph them into sales excellence, then owning an online franchise is not for you.

So, do you think you’d be a successful online franchise owner? If you’re interested in OrderUp, let us know.

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